ABOUT Privacy Policy

Sound Box has the policy below, and pays close attention to protect personal information.
When using Sound Box, the customers are considered to have agreed this “Privacy Policy.”

Personal Information
Sound Box regards the following information as personal information.
1. Name
2. Sex
3. Date of birth
4. Age
5. Occupation
6. Postal code
7. Address
8. E-mail address
9. Telephone number
10. Other description or individually given number, mark and other symbol
11. Information such as the contents of the services used by individuals, buying history of goods, and inquiries that can be distinguished among individuals.

About the Disclosure of Information to the Third Party
When judging rationally that disclosing the information follows the law and the terms for customers, and that customers’ rights, properties and safety are protected, Sound Box discloses the personal information to the third party.
And also Sound Box will disclose the personal information to the third party when it is needed to protect the public benefit or to use the authority and the duty based on the third party’s law, which is intended for disclosing the information of the company or the individuals.
Except for the above, when the information about the customers pass into the third party,
Sound Box will inform the customers of the fact in advance. In this case,the customers can refuse to disclose their personal information.